Capital/Maintenance Management

Property is the greatest physical asset for many companies. To uphold the value of this prized asset, they must continually make improvements and repairs. Implementing a yearly capital plan on time, budget and schedule quickly can become a challenge.

CHA Tech Services has a strong track record of managing multi-million dollar capital and maintenance plans. Manpower planning is then our responsibility. We adjust staff to accommodate normal work flow, plant maintenance shutdowns, asset tagging, and capital management. Contracts with individual suppliers and trade contractors can be held directly by you or us.

Our Capital/Maintenance Management services include:
  • Competitive Bidding on All Projects
  • Maintain Project Budget/Scope
  • Perform Project Updating and Close Out
  • Assist in Creating and Maintaining Asset Lists
  • Perform Project Closures
  • Health and Safety Programs
  • Resolution of Quality/Warranty Issues
  • Seek New Contractors/Vendors
  • Management of All Insurances for Contractors
  • Manage and Facilitate the Maintenance Overhead Budget and Inventory