Portfolio : Global Beverage Distributor, Warehouse, Storage and Distribution Center

Global Beverage Distributor - Howell, Michigan

CHA Tech Services assisted with the design and construction of a cooling system for a brand-new warehouse, storage and distribution center in Howell, Michigan. CHA Tech Services—with design support from CHA’s structural, electrical, mechanical, and architectural teams—developed a mechanical refrigeration system that allowed the transport of refrigerated product on the client's existing, non-refrigerated truck fleet.

Utilizing the client’s infrastructure, CHA Tech Services developed a proprietary system that eliminated the use of third-party vendors to improve the logistics of how refrigerated product is shipped to user facilities. We installed the system at the client’s main facility and satellite locations with no interruption to operations. All facilities were activated simultaneously to transition seamlessly to this new loading and transportation process.

This industrial refrigeration configuration can be scaled down or expanded to accommodate nearly any size and type of operation. In fact, product is shipped from this main distribution center to five separate smaller distribution facilities—all of which CHA Tech Services has equipped with similar refrigeration capabilities. The high quality of this system is testament to our strong relationship and honest involvement with our client and its needs, whether that involves distributing ingredients, keeping product dry or chilled, bottling and packaging, or rebuilding infrastructure to accommodate corrosiveness.